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A few weeks ago I put a status up on facebook about my crazy 6 year old daughter hitting a point in her reading that I feel the need to be reading the books that she plows through. One thing that is very difficult with having a child who reads above grade level is finding books that engage her and yet are at the right emotional level for her. A friend commented that I should start a blog and voila! Got that bee in my bonnet and here it is.

So this blog is a place to find books that kids like. There are a ton of sites out there that put out information about books, but the one thing that I somehow feel is lacking is input from the kid. Add that to the fact that this is starting during summer vacation when I want to keep her engaged and talking about books, rather than just inhaling them, this is sort of my own personal book club with my daughter.

But I have two amazing girls. So this isn’t just about the books that my 6 year old reads, but the books that my 2 1/2 year old enjoys. At this point it is a work in progress, but hopefully I will be able to figure out some good categories  to make this all useful. If it makes sense to combine books into one post, I will. If not, I will just talk about one book at a time.

I love books. I’m learning every day about books for kids and I have a desire to share that love. Enjoy!

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