Wonderful Wonder Woman


We found this outstanding retelling of Wonder Woman in the library a few weeks ago and it has sparked a remarkable appreciation and love of Wonder Woman.  I of course can’t even say her name without thinking of the theme song (which I’m including at the end of this post) and imagining the underoos that I loved as a child. Now, some might remark about her skimpy clothing, but we are talking comic books and the TV show was from the ’70s. Regardless, she is a pretty  awesome super-hero.

Wonder Woman: The Story of the Amazon Princess is a pop-art telling of her story by Ralph Cosentino. The first half of the story is her mythical origins as Princess Diana, a warrior princess of the Amazons. When a contest is held to find someone to protect the world beyond Paradise Island, Princess Diane secretly enters. Of course she wins the competition and is given a special costume with unbreakable silver bracelets and a golden lasso of truth. She had one initial battle – to stop Ares, the God of War, who wants to rule the world. After defeating him, she continues to do good and over time, her mission grew “to teach peace and respect to all…and to show the world how to live in harmony with nature…to save mankind and unite the people of earth through love and kindness.”

9780670062560_WonderWoman INT mech.indd

Super heros are strong, daring, and concerned with saving others. We read a large number of fairy and princess books in this house, so it is incredibly refreshing to watch your kid want to be a super hero instead.

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