A little bit of Rainbow Magic

rainbow magic

Reading Level – grade 1-3
Maturity Level – age 4-8

My daughter loves the Rainbow Magic series of books by Daisy Meadows. When she was 4, a friend with a 1st grade daughter recommended them to us as their reading levels were similar. We bought her one book and she was hooked. The books are incredibly simple and repetitive, but perfect first chapter books for a budding reader.

There are multiple series which each have 7 books plus some special editions that have 3 books in one. The basic premise in the series is that two little girls, Rachel and Kirsty, are called on by the fairies of Fairyland when the goblin Jack Frost inevitably steals objects that help them do their job. So, for example, the sports fairies series consists of Helena the Horse-riding Fairy, Stacey the Soccer Fairy, Zoe the Skating Fairy, Brittany the Basketball Fairy, Samantha the Swimming Fairy, Alice the Tennis Fairy, and Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy. Jack Frost and his goblins steal their magic objects, such as a magic soccer ball or tennis racket, and scatter them somewhere in the human world. These objects not only help the fairies in Fairyland, but impact the human world as well. The fairies need Rachel and Kirsty to help find the objects and make everything right again.

I asked J why she loved these books so much. Her response was this:

“Fairies are one of my favorite things. I like how Rachel and Kirsty make plans to help get all of the things back. I like that the goblins never win and that Rachel and Kirsty always the the objects back.”

“I like Rachel and Kirsty because they are really smart and they believe in fairies. They try as hard as they can not to let people know that goblins are real.”

The thing about the Rainbow Magic books is that they are each about 60 pages long, but simple enough for a kindergartner to grasp. They help encourage children to read on their own and parents never have to be concerned about what their kids are reading since the whole premise is that these little girls are trying to do whatever they can to help the fairy world. I’ve spent more money on these books then I can believe, but it was all well worth it!


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