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I’ve been a longtime user of Goodreads. I think that it is a perfect venue to help keep children’s books organized, but up until starting this site, I was too overwhelmed by the sheer volume of books to attempt it. Since I took the plunge with this site, I’ve also taken the plunge with starting a new Goodreads page.

Goodreads is a great site for honest reviews and for keeping track of the books you’ve read and those you want to read. What is great about using it for J’s books is that when I want to come up with a book with a specific theme, everything is already categorized. I’m trying to add things as I add them to this site, but that might change in the future.

Goodreads is also a great place to get recommendations for other books to read. Once you have a few books in the system, there is a section for books that they think you will like. I just found a few that J might enjoy and added them to our “to read” list. There is some mysterious algorithm that makes it all possible, I just enjoy the results.


Anyway, to join me on Goodreads, use this link. Or you can search me by email – booksmykidsread at gmail dot com. The most recent books I’ve added will always appear in the widget on the right and you can always click on that link to join as well.

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