The Fourth Pig

Do you have books that you just love to read to your kids? Every once in a while I get to actually pick the book at night and tonight I picked out The Fourth Pig by Teresa Celsi. No matter how many times I read this, it always makes me smile.

4th pig

This is a great story that follows-up with the three little pigs after they have managed to get rid of the wolf. Rather than being proud of tricking the wolf and saving themselves, the pigs are afraid of their own shadows and have locked themselves in the third pig’s home made of bricks. Their sister, the fourth pig, shows up one day and berates them for not going out and enjoying the world.

319_The-Fourth-PigThe fourth pig is an adventurous go-getter. She has traveled the world and wants her brothers to get out and do the same. When they refuse to budge, she takes matters into her own hands – by blowing down their house from the inside! The brothers finally see that there are no wolves waiting outside for them and that they have locked themselves up for no reason.

I love this book because the fourth pig is strong. I love it because she encourages her brothers to explore the world and face their fears. I’ll admit, I love it that she is a girl. But in the end, I love it because this book always puts a smile on my face.



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