The Maze of Bones

I read a lot of children’s books and often get asked by parents and kids what I think of a book. This one has been on my “check it out” list for a while, but I had never gotten around to it. Then one day a few weeks ago a 7 year old boy asked me if I had read this one, so I had to move it up on the list and I am glad that I did. I usually try to include things on this blog that my 7 year old daughter enjoys, but then I would never get to include this review. This is unfortunately not a book that entices J at the moment. She is still deep into Harry Potter and is now also enjoying The Dragon Princess. For her, I have to find books that include some form of magic or fairy tale spin. But a series like this would be great for many others.

The Maze of Bones  (The 39 Clues, #1)

The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan

I’m not sure how the book actually reads, but I was listening to the audio-book and it was well done. The idea behind the story is that matriarch Grace Cahill makes a last minute change to her will and then at her funeral, gives descendants the choice to take one million dollars or participate in a massive scavenger hunt. There are 39 clues scattered around the world that will reveal some great family secret and possibly save the world. Brother and sister Dan and Amy Cahill were exceptionally close to her, having lost their parents, and make the decision that participating is what Grace would have wanted them to do. This book tracks them on the first of 39 clues to solve while also dealing with additional family members trying to knock them out of the running.

The book is a fun mystery and a great read for a young reader. Because the Cahill family is supposed to be the family behind most great people and large events over the past 400 years, there is a ton of history thrown into the books. Book #1 focuses on Benjamin Franklin and his impact. An exciting romp for young readers.

This is shown with a lexile level of 610, so it is probably difficult for younger readers to read on their own. Just for comparison, Harry Potter is 880.


  1. Great series for kids. Has your daughter read the “Princess Academy” or the “Unicorn Chronicles?” And, Keeper of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger? I even enjoyed those books.

    1. I think she might still be a bit young for these, having only turned 7 on Saturday. However, these are great to put on our lists for when she gets older. Thanks!

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