10 non-fiction picture books that we love

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I was getting my post ready for Kid Lit Frenzy’s non-fiction picture book Wednesday and discovered that there was also a nonfiction picture book event happening. I love an excuse to make a list, so I had to join in. This event is hosted by Cathy Mere (Reflect and Refine)Mandy Robek (Enjoy and Embrace Learning) and Julie Balen (Write at the Edge).  The blogging event is similar to the #pb10for10 event that I enjoyed in August.

This was a last-minute decision to come up with something, so here are 10 nonfiction picture books that we have really enjoyed. Most of these are books that we own and some are leaping off points for series that we love.

Miss  Moore Thought Otherwise – I completely love this book. When I read it in October it touched me deeply and is such a wonderful book about strong women, libraries and not always following the norm. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Who Says Women Can’t be Doctors – We found this at the same time we found Miss Moore Thought Otherwise. A great book about Elizabeth Blackwell who “refused to accept the common beliefs that women weren’t smart enough to be doctors, or that they were too weak for such hard work.” We are always looking for good books about strong women.

A Picture Book of Anne Frank – I purchased this at a library used book sale and haven’t read it with my daughter yet. She knows about the Holocaust, but we haven’t gotten into specifics. This book is beyond beautiful and also heartbreaking.

My First Biography: Abraham Lincoln – I’ve long said that picture books are a great vehicle for biographies. This is a wonderful first biography and is part of a larger series of biographies for younger readers.

Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation – Also in the history realm, this is a wonderful lesson about the origins of Thanksgiving. The story itself does contain fiction aspects, such as time-traveling siblings, but they time travel to learn a history lesson. Mixing the two worlds is a good way to engage young readers.

The Magic School Bus – Also in the world of non-fiction told through fictional means, we love the Magic School Bus series. Our favorites include the ocean floor, the human body, lost in the solar system, and the waterworks.

Dolphin Talk – J has long been fascinated with marine biology and has a strong affinity for dolphins, whales and penguins. The “Let’s Read and Find Out” series is truly top-notch and this was one of her favorites for a while. We own a large selection of these books and they never disappoint.

Eight Spinning Planets – J’s other love for a while was space. She has unfortunately grown out of that one, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a ton of wonderful books. One that E has really enjoyed is Eight Spinning Planets. This amazing book counts backwards starting with Mercury. Each page focuses on one planet, rhymes, and gives some great details that are easy to remember. There is also a tactile experience since each planet is raised off the page. An awesome book for younger readers.

There’s No Place Like Space! – Another space book that we love is from “The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!” This fun series has the Cat rhyming away about various things. In this book you learn all about the solar system in ways that are wonderfully accessible for early readers. The whole series is pretty spectacular.

A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What is a Noun? – A great book as kids are learning their parts of speech. As the book says, “it is easier to show than to explain – and this book is brimming with examples!” We have the verb book as well and love it.

I have been trying to bring more non-fiction books into our reading routine. I can’t justify buying all of the books that I keep hearing about, but my fingers are crossed that one day our library will get more of these books. I’ve learned about so many awesome titles from participating in non-fiction picture book Wednesday. I have a strong feeling that this jog is going to produce tons of outstanding resources. To link up, go to Write at the Edge.


  1. Michelle,
    I’m glad you decided to grow your post today to ten books to join the nonfiction picture book event. You have a lot of good titles here. Miss Moore Thought Otherwise has been on several blogs. I’m going to have to check that one out.


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