Your life as…a different twist on non-fiction picture books

While wandering the non-fiction section of the library recently, I found a pretty neat book about life in Ancient Egypt. J has long been fascinated with Ancient Egypt and the role of pharaohs due to her love of Passover, so I thought it would be worth bringing home. This is an interesting twist to your standard non-fiction picture book.

your life pharaoh

The concept of the “Your Life As” series is that the reader has been given the lead role in a school play. This particular play/book is Life in Ancient Egypt, but other books include being a cabin attendant on the Titanic, a cab boy on a pirate ship and a settler in Colonial America.

With this as your jumping off point, you then delve into the facts of the given book in order to learn about your role. A portion of each page is written in story format as if you were living a day in the life. These are all backed up by factual boxes with relevant information. For example, on the spread below, you learn that the Pharaoh collected taxes from his subject in various ways.

pharoah taxes

This is a great and engaging non-fiction series and J is already asking for more.

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