One Watermelon Seed – a numbers book we love

Do you ever go to the library and find yourself checking out the same book over and over? This is our book. My 3 year old absolutely loves the book One Watermelon Seed. She has figured out how to get onto the children’s computerized catalog and find it so that she can show it to me and I can know where to go get it (in the easy reader LO, in case you were wondering). The first time I read it to her  it felt incredibly familiar and I realized that I had read it to J when she was the same age. As an adult, I’m not sure what resonates on such a powerful level for her, but it sure does grab her attention.

One Watermelon Seed is a counting/numbers book with beautiful, vivid illustrations. The story is that two little children are planting a garden and watching it grow. So not only do we get great numbers, but they are exposed to 10 different fruits and vegetables.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.39.56 PM

The first part of the book is the planting process, where kids can easily count the items – 1 watermelon seed, 2 pumpkin seeds, etc. When it transitions to the harvesting section the numbers increase in increments of 10 – “Max picked thirty eggplants, dark and purple, and forty peppers, shiny yellow.”

It is a simple book, but it manages to get its point across while capturing the attention of my child.


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