Understanding Life’s Little Messes

Kids sometimes have a hard time dealing with the notion that not everything works out perfectly. Whether it is getting 100% on a test or when you make a mistake while drawing a picture, life has it’s ups and downs.

perfectly cover

A Perfectly Messed-Up Story is a sweet gem about dealing with the fact that life sometimes gets a little messy. The book is Louie’s story and as he goes about his day, someone starts spilling food on the pages of his book.


He is outraged that his story is being messed up. As we teach our kids, he starts over again, but this time he gets scribbled on.


Feeling dejected, he can’t go on, but the narrator does. When he hears that “everything was just…fine” he realizes that it is. “I’m still here. You’re still reading. And it is a pretty good story, messes and all.”


This is a really fun read aloud with a great message that our kids truly need to understand.


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