A behind the scenes tour of an art museum

In our search for good books about art, I happened up on this little gem about museums themselves. In David Goldin’s “Meet me at the Art Museum,”  a used museum ticket stub meets up with the docent’s name tag and gets a full tour of the museum after hours. While the book has a slew of outstanding art in it, the focus of the book is on how a museum works.museum.bg_

Whether a child has had a chance to visit an art museum or not, this is a great look behind the scenes. Daisy, the name tag, shows Stub, a used ticket, around the museum – from the delivery zone, to galleries, offices, the library and restoration room. She also explains how galleries are organized and who gets to decide what pieces go in the museum. For little hands that like to touch, she also shows the security side and explains that touching is not allowed.

meet me at the art insideThis is a marvelous look at how museums work. For older kids who want a little more details, the back of the book has a “who’s who” and “what’s what” section as well as a list of all of the art work they referred to in the book. An excellent addition to the art category!


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