The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth

I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting books to challenge my kids and everyone else’s. From storyline to embellishments, kids get excited when things are a little different. So I was thrilled when I opened the pages of The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth.


The story tells of a magic hour where the animals and other things within a museum come to life. The only problem is that Teddy, a baby mammoth, has gotten loose and his older brother Timothy needs to find him and get him back to the museum before the clock strikes one. A young boy, Oscar, see Timothy outside of his bedroom window and goes to help.


Oscar and Timothy chase Teddy back to the museum where a party is in full swing. Then they proceed to chase him through the museum. As they go, there are numerous facts put forth as flaps and information on the museum wall. This allows the story to be both fact and fiction. They are getting a story while having lots of amazing information also at their fingertips.


Oscar and Teddy visit the flight floor where a lesson on aviation history is given, the underwater world, and the room of extinct and endangered animals. Some of the exhibits like to tell jokes and many impart information.


For something that is truly different, this book is a gem. There is even a plush woolly mammoth to go with it if you want!4082_676298-plush_1

This book is distributed by Usborne Books & More and I am an independent consultant. But I work with this company because the books simply are that amazing. Want to know more? Send me a note!


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