Hug it Out

Hug it out 3

Sibling love. Or rather, that constant scream a parent hears through the house – “Mommmmm!” If you have more than one child, there are bound to be times when you hear your children screaming at each other, unable to get along for one reason or another. Louis Thomas offers a great idea in his new book, Hug it Out.

size200_books_louisthomas_hugitout_detail1_1000_500Siblings Woody and Annie are really good at fighting with each other. An otherwise lovely day gets derailed when they start fighting over a toy. Mom tries to break it up, but 5 minutes later something else has happened and they are fighting again. Anyone else feel like this is the story of their life? That and hearing that their kids are bored?

Hug it out 2

Parents try all sorts of things to get their kids to behave and get along. Time outs, redirecting, timers on a toy, separating the kids, you name it. This story offers the great idea that every time the kids fight they have to hug it out. Woody and Annie find themselves hugging it out….a lot.

Hug it out 4

The kids finally wise up, as we hope ours will as well, and decide that they should just give each other some space for a bit. After time apart, Annie and Woody figure out how to play on their own AND that they actually enjoy each other and miss their sibling’s company….and their hugs.

Hug it out 5

I will admit that at times I am a frustrated momma who just wants the screaming to end. I’m going to have to give this hug it out method a try. Who is with me?

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