Tide Pool Secrets

As a child, I loved visiting the tide pools. The wonderful sea anemones were always my favorites. I was very fortunate. I grew up in Los Angeles and I’m pretty sure that we took field trips to the Leo Carrillo State Park frequently and to learn about the amazing marine life that lived in tide pools. Living the rural south, I don’t have many opportunities to expose my kids to the wonders of tide pools, but, of course, that’s where books come in.tide pool secrets cover

Tide Pool Secrets, by Narelle Oliver, is an ingenious lift-the-flap book published on slightly thicker stock than your average book. The flaps help the book be interactive while also showing how sea life can camouflage itself and how changes in the tide impact tide pool life.



The pages of the “story” make a great introduction to tide pools. Then the back of the book has additional information on why various animals within  tide pool have secrets about them. Whether for protection or as a means of hunting their prey, many animals that make their homes in the tide pools have a method of concealment. This is a great addition for teaching ocean units.



There is a world of amazing nonfiction out there for children of all ages. I always try to post a nonfiction picture book on Wednesdays as part of the Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge. Check out some other titles in the awesome nonfiction picture book challenge link-up hosted weekly by Alyson at Kid Lit Frenzy.



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