A Ticket Around the World

Encouraging kids to travel and be aware of the larger world around them is a really important thing. Natalie Diaz and Melissa Owens did a fabulous job introducing kids to 12 different countries plus the United States in their book A Ticket Around the World.

ticket cover

We’ve had this book sitting on our shelves for a while, but recently my younger daughter took it out and started looking at it. She was really excited when she got to the page about France because it had a picture of the Louvre Pyramid which that had been studying in math. But for the next week, she would pick up the book, read some, put it down, pick it up, read some, etc. It worked as a great way to slowly take a look at a variety of countries.


A Ticket Around the World is not the kind of book that you would sit down and read. But the amount of information given that is aimed at early elementary aged kids is awesome! The concept is that a young boy is going to each country to visit friends. Each spread gives, among other things, geographical information on the country, the language spoken, tells you how to say hello, and features a local food.


If you are looking for a way to give your child a taste of the many flavors in our world, this is a great way to do it.


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