What is Hip-Hop?

It’s nonfiction Wednesday so I’m presenting What is Hip-Hop by Eric Morse with amazing art and claymation by Anny Yi. Thank you to #KidLitExchange for a review copy of this book, I’m not sure I ever would have heard about it without them.

hip hop cover

In What is Hip-Hop, Morse gives a history lesson, in rhyme, about the names that brought this genre to the forefront. It starts with DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash and proceeds through the years to Drake and Kendrick Lamar.


One of the best sections also pays homage to the fact that “there’s much more to hip-hop than what you can hear!” Hip-hop really is a culture. It is a style of dancing, dressing, and art. While it started in certain neighborhoods, hip-hop has spread through the entire country. Hip-hop has been a place for artists to express everything from materialistic desires to political messages.

This is a great book for kids that are into hip-hop. It lures them in with verse and gives credit to the greats in the business, past and present. Hip-hop doesn’t always get the respect that it deserves, but it is an art form in and of itself. The ability to write and rap the words they come up with is truly amazing and something a lot of us can’t do.


I’m always looking for something different. Something that opens my eyes and my children’s eyes up to something that we honestly don’t know much about. So while I’m a big music fan, I will admit that my genres tend to be more show tunes, folk music, a cappella, and pop. There were many names in here that I had only heard of, but really knew nothing about. A really fun addition to any library!

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