Billy and the Mini Monsters

Looking for a fun series for kids who are just getting comfortable with longer books? I finally got a chance to read the first book in the Billy and the Mini Monsters series and it is fun!

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“Billy is an ordinary boy until one night he finds five mini monsters living in his sock drawer. From the moment he discovers Gloop, Peep, Fang-Face, Captain Snott and Trumpet, Billy’s life will never be the same again…”

The first book, Monsters in the Dark, is the only book in the series that needs to be read in order. This is the book where we meet Billy and he meets the monsters. At 80 pages long with full color images throughout, this is a great book for kids who are getting comfortable with reading, but still need something to lure them in. The story is silly and there is one monster who is constantly passing gas due to his love of cheese (what boy doesn’t like that?).


The book itself has a charming story. Billy is afraid of the dark, but he is trying to be brave. Still, he is sure that there is something creeping around his room at night. Turns out that he is right, he has a group of mini monsters living in his sock drawer, although he can’t manage to prove it to his parents. Hilarity ensues and by the end, Billy is no longer afraid of the dark.


Billy and the Mini Monsters can get a lot of kids excited about reading. They might have similar fears as Billy – from fear of the dark to even bullies at school. They might think that there is a monster in their room. Or maybe they just think that a book with so many bright colors and mini monsters that eat cheese and ties is really funny. Whatever the case, this is a great series to help younger readers gain the necessary confidence to move on to the next level.

Billy and the Mini Monsters is only available through Usborne Books and More. I am an independent consultant for Usborne Books & More, but all opinions are my own. I would never recommend a book that I didn’t believe in.

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