Luna Loves Library Day

For Library Week, I wanted to end with a really special book that is about libraries and a love of books, but is also about daughter/dad time and dealing with divorce. Pretty heady topics, but perfectly done.


Luna loves library day. She is all set to go with her library bag, library card, and books to return. Her dad is waiting there for her and together they explore the library. The books literally come alive in her hands showing how her imagination brings them to life. The two have a wonderful time being together and sharing a joy in books and reading. When it is time to go, she leaves with “A book bag full of memories about adventure, magic…and Dad.”


Part way through the book, “Luna chooses a fairy tale to read with Dad on the big library chair.” In fabulous Kane Miller fashion, there is a book within a book. This one is entitled “The Troll King and the Mermaid Queen.” This story is the story of Luna’s parents who seem to come from completely different backgrounds and start fighting about every little thing. The Troll King decides that he has to leave, but his love for his princess daughter will never change.


Divorce is hard on everyone, but especially children. We all hear of children who think that it is their fault that their parents separate and beat themselves up for not doing something different. It is never about something a child has done. It is about the adults, and as the Troll King and Mermaid Queen shows, their likes and dislikes no longer agree with each other. The reality is that it is better for everyone to stop a situation where the parents do nothing but argue. The notion of staying together to somehow protect the child is crazy. Children know when something is fundamentally wrong. The best thing to do for the child, is to make sure that they know that they are loved unconditionally. The fact that Luna has scheduled dates with her Dad at the library where so much joy is shared, is a perfect way for them to have a special relationship. In the end, the moral of this story is that mom and dad still love Luna with all of their hearts.

When I first found this book, I thought it was more about the books and a love of the library, sort of like Isabella. Most of it is, and if you don’t want your child to read the part about the divorce, you can skip the Troll King portion, but it is a real life concept that is important to understand, even if it just means you can be more empathetic toward a friend.

*Luna Loves Library Day is sold in the US by Usborne Books and More and I am an independent consultant. However, all opinions are completely mine.

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