Three Cheers for The People Awards

people awards

There have been a number of books in the last few years that are collections of 1-2 page biographies about important people in history written in an exceptionally engaging manner for kids. From Rebel Girls to Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History, Women Who Dared to National Geographic’s Book of Heroes. But one thing I have noticed throughout these books is that there is an underlying statement to each of these and they are separated. They either are all girls or all boys or they focus on a specific culture.  This August, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books is publishing The People Awards, by Lily Murray. It is the first book in this style that feels truly well rounded offering a wide variety of important people from 600 BCE to 2018.

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One of the things that I love about this book is the fact each award winner has a specific award that is given to them such as “The Children’s Champion” and “The Good at Everything” award. Additionally, there is a quick, almost bulleted explanation for why they were given that specific award. The text is extraordinarily accessible and the graphics give it great punch and a whimsical feeling.

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Another strength of this book is that the cast of characters really covers the gamut. From Confucius to Ava Peron and Abraham Lincoln to Ellen DeGeneres. The awards are given for a wide variety of reasons, so everyone can be inspired by people for different reasons. This is a really great book to start an interest in individual famous people so that they can decide to take the next step in researching and reading about the people that mean the most to them.


Each Wednesday I try to post nonfiction picture books as part of the challenge set up by Kid Lit Frenzy. There are amazing books available for kids these days. Check the linkups on Alyson’s site for more!



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