The Queen Girls are Back!

Last year I had the pleasure of being included in helping launch the Kickstarter campaign for Queen Girls Publications to present Bessie: Queen of the Sky and had a great interview with the team behind the books. So I am thrilled to announce that today they have launched their new Kickstarter campaign to promote their 5 new books that are coming out.

queen girls

One of the truly special things about the Queen Girls Publications is that not only do they publish stories to help inspire and empower young girls, but for every book that you purchase, they donate one. Every book!

Each book combines reality with elements of fantasy, captivating the attention of our youngsters while at the same time showing them the power of determination. These fairy tales are geared at girls aged 4 to 8, definitive years where perspectives are sharply defined. They show our girls that anything is possible if we set our minds to it!

Bessie, Queen of the Sky – Inspired by the life of Bessie Coleman, the first black American woman to fly airplanes – ‘She was determined to make her dream come true. No one could have imagined that a girl from a humble family would get out of the cotton fields and become a pilot.’

Savitri, the Teaching Queen – Inspired by the life of Savitri Phule, the first female teacher in India who opened a school for girls – ‘She was able to mobilize her entire community and make her dream come true. Through books, she taught students the power of learning.’

Marie, the Bright Queen – Inspired by the life of Marie Curie, the first woman to receive two Nobel prizes for her discoveries for humanity – ‘She teaches us that curiosity, along with a playful attitude, can uncover true talent. But the most important learning is the power of camaraderie. By joining forces, Marie and her sister were both able to study and shine bright!’

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Junko, Queen of the Mountains – Inspired by the life of Junko Tabei, the first woman to climb Mount Everest – ‘She felt she belonged to the mountains. Despite the challenges she faced being a girl, she didn’t let that ruin her dreams. If there’s a will, there’s a way. And this determination helped her find her way to the top!’

Isadora, the Dancing Queen – Inspired by the life of Isadora Duncan, often considered the creator of contemporary dance – ‘She dreamed of dancing freely, in harmony with nature. Isadora realized she was different, but she was brave enough to be herself. She was determined to follow her heart and nothing could undermine her will to dance.’

Frida, Queen of the Canvas – Inspired by the life of Frida Kahlo, a world renowned Mexican artist who inspired women to show their strength despite unfortunate circumstances – ‘She knew she could do anything she set herself out to do. Determined to shine, she was able to turn her physical pain into beautiful art.’

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We are super excited to see these new books and I have already backed the new project. My younger daughter is especially excited by Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie, and Isadora Duncan. She has learned much about Frida and Marie Curie from the Who Was series and they are already inspiring her.

You can support their endeavors at any level you are comfortable with by checking out their kickstarter campaign.  I look forward to talking to the women behind this campaign as it continues to unfold.

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