A Hide-and-Seek book, Paris Style

paris cover

My younger daughter is obsessed with all things Paris. I am not sure how this love affair started, but it is fun to watch it grow.  At some point, we were given the book Paris Hide-And-Seek: For Readers with Sharp Eyes! and it has become one of our absolute favorites!

paris louvre

The book is simple enough, but manages to capture a child’s attention while they learn something new about Paris. The book is set up in a Where’s Waldo style having the reader look for Theo and his little dog Potchi while visiting 24 amazing sights in Paris. At each site, the reader is also supposed to find a yellow balloon and one item that is listed in bold in the sight’s informational paragraph.

paris gardens

This book literally makes you want to hop on a plane and go visit Paris. It is like your own personal tour guide and it lures you in with big, bold, and beautiful pictures. My daughter loved to quickly find all of the items while I attempted to read through the paragraphs. It is a great way to get a child, or adult, excited about international travel.

paris list

nfpb18Each Wednesday I try to post nonfiction picture books as part of the challenge set up by Kid Lit Frenzy. There are amazing books available for kids these days. Check the linkups on Alyson’s site for more!


  1. This is a new one for me and it sounds like lots of fun and lots of learning. Thanks for sharing about it!

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