Thank You Billie Jean King

BJK coverBillie Jean King is a name that I remember hearing over and over as a child. She changed the face of sports as we know it and helped usher in more respect for female athletes. Granted, Title IX had happened one year prior to her historic match with Bobby Riggs, but she was like the embodiment of women in sports in the 1970s. On January 1st, a new book by Brandon Terrell and Edwardo García is being published by Capstone Press bringing that amazing match to life for a new generation.

*Thank you to NetGalley and Capstone Press for allowing me to read a digital ARC. All opinions are my own.

Utilizing the graphic novel format, A Win For Women transports readers back to 1973 to see how women in sports were treated. On and off of the playing field, women were treated differently and they were paid much less. Bobby Riggs alleged that women were so inferior that even he, a 55 year old hustler, could beat any of them.

BJK post-game



A large amount of the antics around the game were for show, but it did highlight a strong feeling that women athletes were not as “athletic” as men. Terrell’s story and García’s illustrations showcase the action of the match incredibly well.

BJK stage set


King’s win wasn’t just a win for her, but it was a win for girls everywhere. Many female athlete’s today probably don’t know much about Billie Jean King and the fights that women of her era went through to get women their rights. Perhaps they have heard that Venus and Serena Williams have taken up the fight for equal pay, but they might not realize where in the sports world that fight really started

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The battle on and off the court that Billie Jean King fought is one worth remembering. I’m thrilled that a book focusing on her for young athletes is finally coming out. From my time spent in libraries, I know that there are a lot of young girls who want books about sports, but have a hard time finding them. This is a marvelous addition.

BJK lasting legacies

I haven’t done a great job at keeping up with the nonfiction picture book challenge, but this book worked fabulously as a final entry for the year. Check out the other books at KidLitFrenzy.


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