Animals for Young Minds

National Geographic Kids has always been a great source for books with amazing photography and fun nonfiction. Here are three of the newest books about animals, one for each age group. I was sent these books to review, but all opinions are my own.

Animals on the Go
This Little Kids First Board Book is super fun for little minds and little hands. Each spread features a different animal and how they move. They also either have some comical comment from the animal or a movement for your child to do. Because it is National Geographic, the photos are outstanding, bright, and vivid. I can imagine kids adoring this book.

Brother, Sister. Me and You.
Brothers and sisters. Do they ever get along? We all know the craziness of sibling relationships, but Mary Quattlebaum shows how animal siblings in the wild get along. The photographs chosen to accompany her text are sweet and playful. The back of the book features “animal facts” on all of the animals mentioned in the book – where they live, how babies are born and cared for, and a little more about them. This is a great book for early elementary school kids who adore animals.

Little Larry Goes to School
Little Larry is an orphan chimp in Africa. His mother died in an accident and he is being raised in a sanctuary. Just like any child, he starts to have play dates to get comfortable with the other kids and learn social norms. And just like other kids, he has fears. Larry’s fear is climbing trees. Will he be able to overcome them?

Larry is a great representation for what kids often go through when they start school. It can be scary meeting new people, it can be fun to play around, but you can also be afraid of doing certain things that no one else seems to have a problem with. We all have to find a way to work through our fears, just as Larry does. Larry has to believe in himself just as we all do. This is a great read aloud and Larry and his friends are adorable.

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