YA Literature Logs part 1

Summer of 2019 I took an absolutely wonderful class called Materials for Adolescents. This class was AMAZING! The professor was great, but an entire semester on YA books, their value, the history….Totally my jam. This summer I will be taking Materials for Children, should be fun too.

Anyway, I say this because one of the things that we had to do for the class was read 20 books over the course of the 10 week class (plus maybe 2 weeks at the beginning when she gave us the list). There were particular reasons we had to read various books, and each topic had a list of options. After we read them, we had to put together a literature log talking about the books that we read and how we might use them. It was a great tool to make you think more about what you were reading and to consider the curriculum aspect of it. I realized that I needed to share these lit logs because I haven’t necessarily written about all of these books, but most of them were really great. So here is the first of two posts with my literature logs. Enjoy!


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