This blog was born in 2013 when my daughters were 6 and 2. At that point I posted something on Facebook about my crazy 6 year old daughter hitting a point in her reading that I feel the need to be reading the books that she plows through. One thing that is very difficult with having a child who reads above grade level is finding books that engage her and yet are at the right emotional level for her. A friend commented that I should start a blog and voila! Got that bee in my bonnet and here it is.

Since then, this blog has become my place to talk about children’s books, what we are reading, what we want to read, and why my kids like certain books. There are times when it is my input and there are times when I get a lot of insight from my girls. I have also found that this is an important place to compare books out there, find resources to help young readers grow, and to shine a light on books that you might not hear of without the help of a crazy book lady like me.

I love books and am thrilled that I have passed that love on to my girls. If I can open a child’s eyes to a book that they love, then my day has been made.


  1. Hello Michelle,
    My name is Kathy Floyd and I am the Marketing Coordinator for Wisdom Tales Press, one of the sponsors for Multicultural Children’s Book Day. We noticed your blog concerning Jewish Books for children and was wondering if you might be interested in looking at a galley of an upcoming book to be released in May, 2014 titled Never Say a Mean Word Again. Never Say a Mean Word Again is the compelling tale of two boys, one Jewish and one Muslim, trying to settle their differences. Based on a powerful legend from medieval Spain, its message of a peaceful solution is as appropriate today as ever. I would like to include you on my list of bloggers who I regularly send books to for review. Please just let me know if you are interested.

    Kathy Floyd

    1. Hi Kathy,

      I am incredibly interested! Not only in this book, but I would love to be added to your list of bloggers who review books. The topics covered by Wisdom Tales Press really look wonderful. I was thrilled to discover your imprint during the Multicultural Children’s Literature Day. Thank you so much for checking out my blog!

      Please email me at booksmykidsread at gmail dot com.


  2. Michelle! LOVE your blog and did a review myself of How to Coach Girls! I have a new Shelly Bean the Sports Queen book out this week and would be honored if you would review it – let me know if you are interested!

  3. Hi Michelle. I just published a wonderful world peace promoting tween book titled “Where The Earth Sings” by Walter Rouzer. It’s about a pair of twelve-year-old geniuses who bring the world together in peace to take better care of our planet. I would be honored to send you a free sample copy to evaluate. We need more books promoting peace in our school system for young readers to help build strong leaders. If you might be interested I can be reached at: 2wrouzer at gmail dot com

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