Grenade by Alan Gratz

War. This is not a topic that I tend to read about. The human condition that goes along with wars, okay, maybe (I've been known to read way too many books about the Holocaust), but not usually books about the actual fighting. But I know a lot of young readers who are completely fascinated by … Continue reading Grenade by Alan Gratz

Spending a Year with Holling Hoodhood and The Wednesday Wars

The Wednesday Wars, by Gary D. Schmidt, is a quiet, subtle middle grade book written in 2007 but set in 1967. It captures your attention from the start, but progresses slowly to show just how the characters, especially Holling Hoodhood, grow during a school year. I never would have picked this book up had it … Continue reading Spending a Year with Holling Hoodhood and The Wednesday Wars

Renato and the Lion

Renato loved his home in Florence, Italy. He loved the people there. And the food there. But he especially loved the art there. It was everywhere. This is how Barbara DiLorenzo begins her beautiful book, Renato and the Lion. Through beautiful watercolor images, DiLorenzo brings Florence, Italy to life. This gorgeous book sends us back … Continue reading Renato and the Lion

Q&A with Ted Enik – Sticks ‘n’ Stones Blog Tour

Back this summer, my kids and I had a fun time reading Sticks 'N Stone 'N Dinosaur Bones. I saw this book as a must for the dinosaur lover and a great read-aloud. I could definitely see how this would get a classroom of kids talking about fact and fiction, competition, and the importance of … Continue reading Q&A with Ted Enik – Sticks ‘n’ Stones Blog Tour

My Brigadista Year

Thanks to the @kidlitexchange network for the free review copy of his book – all opinions are my own. I have found that I really enjoy reading middle-grade historical fiction. They are an amazing way to learn about periods in history from a completely different perspective. Of course, I realize that you have to take … Continue reading My Brigadista Year