Pondering Paintings and Painters with Pepette

I've written in the past about books that help children consider and discover the great artists of our past and present. Recently I came across the endearing book "Painting Pepette," by Linda Ravin Lodding, and its manner of introducing artists made me smile. In this book, beautifully illustrated by Claire Fletcher, young Josette Bobette and... Continue Reading →

Color mixing fun

Last night, my 3 year old and I read the book Colors for Zena, by Monica Wellington. While the writing was incredibly basic and repetitive, the illustrations are vibrant and fun and they started a conversation about mixing colors. Since E loves to paint, I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to let... Continue Reading →

A Day with No Crayons

I am not an artist. I watch my younger daughter wield a crayon and my older daughter find fascination in mixing colors together to find new ones with awe and admiration. But just because I don't like to draw myself doesn't mean that I don't have a strong appreciation for art itself. I have a... Continue Reading →

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