Sprouting Hope over Banned Books

This past week was Banned Book Week. I'm always amazed when I think about the volume of books that get challenged and banned. I can understand if parents think that material in some books might be too old for their child, but other than that, I think having conversations about the material rather than banning... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Melwick Orchard

Books that realistically deal with childhood illnesses walk a fine line with dealing with the reality of illness and the havoc it wrecks on the entire family yet not being heavy handed with it. Rebecca Caprara tackles the subject deftly in her MG debut The Magic of Melwick Orchard. (Thank you to the #KitLitExchange Network... Continue Reading →

the sweetest serenade

  Elena's Serenade is a sweet story about a little girl who wants to be a glassblower. We found this book on A Mighty Girl¬†and then got a copy from our local library. Author Campbell Geeslin uses magical realism to bring to life a ¬†story that shows that girls can do anything they want, even... Continue Reading →

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