Putting an end to Book Deserts

I haven't completely disappeared from the blogging world. The last number of weeks have been very busy with book fairs and other responsibilities. But I'm trying to get this back to normal. While I've been away, in addition to reading great books, my mind continues to be on getting great books into the hands of... Continue Reading →

Lexile vs Literacy

As we head into August, it is starting to be back to school time, at least in my part of the country. For a long time I have had serious thoughts about the lexile system and as someone who is incredibly passionate about encouraging children to have a life-long love affair with books, I thought... Continue Reading →

Let them read books

I have many blog posts about individual books, and groups of them, that I want to actually type up, but getting the time to get it all down sometimes poses challenges. That said, this wonderful article was in the Washington Post and deserves to be read by many many people, especially those concerned about what... Continue Reading →

books I don’t love

Okay, I know that this seems like a crazy post, but there are books that my kids love that I simply don't like reading. So much of blogging about books is trying to keep positive and to showcase the books that mean something to us. When there are books that my kids love that I... Continue Reading →

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