Pranking a Prankster

I'm not one for pranks and have never been fond of April Fool's Day, but there are a lot of people who are quite amazing at pulling off pranks. We all know someone who excels at this. I think their minds just work differently. While it isn't always funny to have a prank pulled on … Continue reading Pranking a Prankster

All Are Welcome – A Book Celebrating Diversity

I realize that everyone is in summer bliss at the moment, but depending on where you live, school could be right around the corner. The school that my kids go to begins on August 14th, so teachers are gearing up for students to be coming in. While the news often focuses on all of the … Continue reading All Are Welcome – A Book Celebrating Diversity

Understanding Life’s Little Messes

Kids sometimes have a hard time dealing with the notion that not everything works out perfectly. Whether it is getting 100% on a test or when you make a mistake while drawing a picture, life has it's ups and downs. A Perfectly Messed-Up Story is a sweet gem about dealing with the fact that life … Continue reading Understanding Life’s Little Messes