A Jewish look at Thanksgiving

My third grader came home yesterday talking about a book that her teacher was reading aloud to the class - Molly's Pilgrim. Since Thanksgiving is two days away, it is good to be taking a look at different perspective when it comes to this holiday. I'm thrilled that her teacher shared this book with their … Continue reading A Jewish look at Thanksgiving

Adventures in Summer Reading

Summer is upon us and that means that it is time to find ways to keep kids engaged with their books and reading. Getting J to read isn't a problem, but I would like to find ways to spice it up for the summer. I also really want to encourage her to keep writing about … Continue reading Adventures in Summer Reading

Reading Ron Roy

I realized the other day that I have really been focusing on picture books and not giving any updates on the chapter books that J is reading. Granted, a big part of this is because she is so obsessed with Harry Potter that she reads them over and over and over again leaving little room … Continue reading Reading Ron Roy

classic chapter books

I haven't been posting much recently because J has gotten sucked into the world of Harry Potter. I encouraged her to start reading book 1 with me just after Halloween to try something outside of her normal style and she just finished book 2 tonight. What started as me doing most of the reading, and … Continue reading classic chapter books

Chapter Books for Young Girls – Fairies, Princesses and other Magical Beings

When I started this blog, a big impetus was because my daughter is advanced in her reading abilities and finding books that are age appropriate and yet still challenging is incredibly complicated. There are tons of great books out there, but it can be overwhelming to find books to keep kids occupied that are not … Continue reading Chapter Books for Young Girls – Fairies, Princesses and other Magical Beings

our library haul

September is national library card sign-up month. If you hadn't already figured it out, I would be completely and utterly lost without the local public library. Buying books is great, but finding books in the library allows us to read a much wider variety of great books. I still have fond memories of the library … Continue reading our library haul

A very determined Goldie

There are many retellings of the classic Goldilocks and the three bears. Most stick pretty close to the original story - girl enters house uninvited, eats everyone's porridge, breaks poor baby bear's chair, falls asleep in baby's bed and runs away when the bears return. The story is always a pleaser, but "Goldie and the … Continue reading A very determined Goldie

the collaborative process in books and blogs

There comes a time when you realize that you and your child have very different viewpoints on what makes something good. Take Dora for example. J loved her for a number of years and I can't bear to listen to the theme song at this point. But it happens with books too. A big part … Continue reading the collaborative process in books and blogs

Fitting in and learning to love your little sister

One day when J was reading books on We Give Books, she came across the book Big Red Lollipop, by Rukhsana Khan. This is a great story about sibling rivalry, immigrant culture and also about forgiveness. As many kidlit bloggers have noted lately, there is not a wealth of multicultural books out there. That "despite … Continue reading Fitting in and learning to love your little sister

a history lesson wrapped up in a nice story

The words "American Girl" used to strike fear in my heart. For a long time, American Girl meant overpriced dolls with overpriced accessories. If your child is a big doll aficionado, perhaps the cost could be justified, but I knew early on that this was not the case with my girls. Neither ever had a … Continue reading a history lesson wrapped up in a nice story