Hours and hours in the car on summer vacation leads to a lot of good reading time for the young one. We found a new series before hitting the road that J has just been devouring - The Grimmtastic Girls. We saw these books when wandering the aisles of a Barnes & Noble. Total tangent … Continue reading Grimmtabulous

Adventures in Summer Reading

Summer is upon us and that means that it is time to find ways to keep kids engaged with their books and reading. Getting J to read isn't a problem, but I would like to find ways to spice it up for the summer. I also really want to encourage her to keep writing about … Continue reading Adventures in Summer Reading

encouraging new books

Children are creatures of habit. They find something that they like and they stick with it. When J was really little, it was Dora everything. When she first found the Magic Treehouse and Rainbow Magic series, we went through them as if there were no other books out there.  E, my 3 year old, is currently … Continue reading encouraging new books

classic chapter books

I haven't been posting much recently because J has gotten sucked into the world of Harry Potter. I encouraged her to start reading book 1 with me just after Halloween to try something outside of her normal style and she just finished book 2 tonight. What started as me doing most of the reading, and … Continue reading classic chapter books

grateful for great classics – the secret garden

Classics are marvelous because they have withstood the test of time. Not every book can manage to resonate as the years go by, but those that do are often pretty darn amazing. Of course there are many beloved classic picture books, but my heart swells when J and I are able to enjoy a more … Continue reading grateful for great classics – the secret garden

falling into fairy tales

Maybe a month ago, I picked up a book at the local library for J that I had heard about from a friend. It was the second book in a series, but the only one that was available. The book? Whatever After - If the Shoe Fits. We starting reading the beginning of the together … Continue reading falling into fairy tales

a history lesson wrapped up in a nice story

The words "American Girl" used to strike fear in my heart. For a long time, American Girl meant overpriced dolls with overpriced accessories. If your child is a big doll aficionado, perhaps the cost could be justified, but I knew early on that this was not the case with my girls. Neither ever had a … Continue reading a history lesson wrapped up in a nice story