We Love the Library!

It is National Library Week and I don't know what I would do without the library. As a child, I spent lots of time making my way through the books in my various local libraries and now it is a happy place for me as an adult. When I think about how much money I … Continue reading We Love the Library!

Early literacy and a baby book

Today I was able to talk to a group of mothers in my area about early literacy and fostering a love of books. I am not a trained expert on the subject, but years of observation and following the research makes me feel pretty secure in my knowledge. When I hear a child who has … Continue reading Early literacy and a baby book

Lexile vs Literacy

As we head into August, it is starting to be back to school time, at least in my part of the country. For a long time I have had serious thoughts about the lexile system and as someone who is incredibly passionate about encouraging children to have a life-long love affair with books, I thought … Continue reading Lexile vs Literacy

Patricia Polacco and a Love Affair with Books

How much TV is too much TV? Welcome to Triple Creek, where the townspeople watch TV day and night. They watch it when they're eating, working, playing, and sleeping. They even use TVs to teach the kids at school. Check out this amazing book by Patricia Polacco that looks at our technology addiction.

Let them read books

I have many blog posts about individual books, and groups of them, that I want to actually type up, but getting the time to get it all down sometimes poses challenges. That said, this wonderful article was in the Washington Post and deserves to be read by many many people, especially those concerned about what … Continue reading Let them read books

Jumping for The Jellybeans

Many people are very familiar with the name Laura Numeroff from her incredibly well known series "If You Give a Mouse..." We are big fans of that series, but I think we are even bigger fans of her lesser known series "The Jellybeans." "The Jellybeans" is a series that is at its core about friendship. … Continue reading Jumping for The Jellybeans

Hooray for Dr. Seuss!

My daughter's elementary school is in full swing Dr. Seuss celebration this week, so I thought it seemed appropriate to to throw in some Dr. Seuss love. I have been a long time fan of Dr. Seuss and even wrote a term paper on him in high school. My love for his stories has changed … Continue reading Hooray for Dr. Seuss!