Wild for the World Cup

It is World Cup season and there are many people glued to their televisions to cheer on their team. Football, or soccer as we call it here in the US, is a world-wide phenomenon that has helped bridge divides and that most countries participate in. While it isn't huge where we are living at the... Continue Reading →

Jumping for The Jellybeans

Many people are very familiar with the name Laura Numeroff from her incredibly well known series "If You Give a Mouse..." We are big fans of that series, but I think we are even bigger fans of her lesser known series "The Jellybeans." "The Jellybeans" is a series that is at its core about friendship.... Continue Reading →

The Lessons of Betty Bunny

The other day when my 4 year old and I were in the library, she picked out a book that I had never heard of - "Betty Bunny Wants Everything," by Michael Kaplan. I had myself a good chuckle over this one as just the day before we had had a long conversation with her... Continue Reading →

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