The Track Series and Why Libraries are so Important

I just finished the third book in Jason Reynolds's amazing Track Series and now I am waiting with baited breath for the fourth, and final, book to come out in October. If you haven't already read these books, I highly recommend that you go out and try them. Understandably, I read a lot of middle … Continue reading The Track Series and Why Libraries are so Important

The Queen Girls are Back!

Last year I had the pleasure of being included in helping launch the Kickstarter campaign for Queen Girls Publications to present Bessie: Queen of the Sky and had a great interview with the team behind the books. So I am thrilled to announce that today they have launched their new Kickstarter campaign to promote their … Continue reading The Queen Girls are Back!

Discovering Jane Austen

Children today do not often read the classics. Not in the same way they were encouraged and assigned when I was younger. But some classics and some authors have always held an important place in the discussion of literature. The works of Jane Austen are some of those works. There are two beautiful picture books … Continue reading Discovering Jane Austen

Eraser – a Tale for the Unsung Heroes #giveaway

We all know someone who makes things possible but rarely gets any credit. They aren't the star of the show, but maybe are in the chorus or even stage manager. They don't write the magazine articles, but without them, the articles and pictures would not get published. They run the world, but are behind the … Continue reading Eraser – a Tale for the Unsung Heroes #giveaway

All the Stars for One for the Murphys

Lynda Mullaly Hunt has won me over as a MG author who just really gets it. I absolutely adored Fish in a Tree, and with this book she has created characters that are instantly real and a situation that is all too plausible. I absolutely fell in love with the characters and could have finished … Continue reading All the Stars for One for the Murphys

Kindness is a Simple Act

We live in an unfortunate time where there is a lot of anger and hatred. Where there is a fear of being different - fear of mean acts, mean words, deportation, violence, and general cruelty. Raising children in this age is extra challenging. It is harder to shield them from cruelty if they are already … Continue reading Kindness is a Simple Act

Food Fight!

Did you know that M&M's were originally invented for the military? Did you know that battles were fought over cinnamon? Tanya Steel and National Geographic Kids have put together a fun book that teaches kids not only about food, but a bit of world history, geography and culture at the same time. The book is … Continue reading Food Fight!